Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

When Grace was little she was pulled off a tire swing and dragged into the woods by a pack of wolves.One wolf with captivating yellow eyes turned human to save her.Now Grace looks out her window hoping to see her yellow eyed wolf. When a local boy disappears the town decides that it is time to kill the wolves once and for all. Grace stops them from shooting at the wolves but when she comes home discovers a boy who has the same eyes as her wolf, bledding all over. She helps the wolf, he tells her that he changes into a wolf when it starts to get cold and both of them try to keep their love alive, despite many troubles. This supernatural romance covers the themes of coming of age and self-confidence. During parts of the book I couldn't help but smile nonstop since the moments were so pure and I could feel the warmth of the moment in the pit of my stomach. This book expresses that if you truly love someone even though he changes physically you shouldn't stop loving them. This is an amazing and captivating book. If you love this book read the second book in the trilogy, Linger. The third book will be coming out next summer.

Winter Reading Review by Aimee

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