Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bat-Quest Supplemental: "Heart of Hush"

This book wasn't written by Grant Morrison (it was actually written by Paul Dini) and was actually a prequel  to R.I.P., but I needed a little break from Morrison after the madness that was Batman R.I.P., and considering the next book I have to read, Final Crisis was even more confusing than R.I.P when I first read it, I needed this break. This book was about an old foe of Batman's, Hush, coming back after his critically acclaimed first appearance in Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee's Hush saga. This book was strange, because a majority of it is from Hush's perspective, and considering Hush's perspective is filled with classist invective against people Batman allies himself with, it isn't a very happy one. Paul Dini always is able to write a good Catwoman/Batman story line, and this one does a good job deepening those two's relationship. It shows a more vulnerable Batman, and a kookier Hush, who, in between berating Catwoman, also details his twisted relationship with his mother.

Dini does a good job writing Scarecrow, who does more frightening things than his usual fear-gas-to-the-face routine. I didn't like how Batman acted occasionally cold blooded, but maybe that was just me. The art by Dustin Nguyen is very avant garde, and emphasizes the moody tones of the story. Take it from me, though. Read this BEFORE R.I.P., because it's chronologically supposed to be read in that order.

Grade: B+

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