Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bat-Quest Part Three: "The Black Glove"

For this installment of the Bat-Quest series, I'll be looking at the hardcover collection The Black Glove, again by Grant Morrison, that sets up the main plot in a future volume. This volume introduces the villainous Black Glove organization, that is out to destroy Batman. It, like Batman and Son has two separate plots. The first one, "The Island of Mr. Mayhew" is about Batman and Robin visiting a secret island that the so-called "International Club of Heroes" is meeting at. Things go awry, and a mystery ensues. 

Morrison should perhaps think of taking up mystery writing as a side job, because the way he tightens the screws on this mystery is masterful. There's betrayal, murder, and mayhem, and Batman proves once and for all why he's "the World's Greatest Detective". The way Morrison revived almost forgotten DC heroes, and updated them  was entertainingly bizarre, and the way the different personalities of the Club members clash is fascinating to read. The next story is the conclusion to the "Three Ghosts of Batman" story arc set up in "Batman and Son".  Bruce Wayne is hunted by the third, Satanist Bat-impostor, who gives Bruce Wayne a heart attack, triggering old memories. 

The parts where Batman has his trippy cardiac arrest flashbacks is confusing at points, filled with references to old 50's and 60's Batman comics, and esoteric Buddhist meditation techniques, but Morrison tries his best to prevent the plot from getting out of control, and you kind of have to read this part if you want to understand future volumes. Other than that, the extraordinary, classic looking art of J.H Williams III adorns the "Island" section, and Williams' unadorned, illustrative style is a perfect complement to the mysterious goings on in the story. The other section is drawn by Tony Daniel, who's no slouch either. His art is more modern, though, and doesn't evince the same reaction from me as Williams' art.  This story provided a fast moving thriller, and a shape of things to come, so I guess I enjoyed it well  enough.

"The Island of Mr. Mayhew": A-
"Three Ghosts (Conclusion)": B-
 Overall: B

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