Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bat-Quest Interlude: "Final Crisis"

Whew. Grant Morrison's Final Crisis, for all its flaws, was one of the most ambitious, creative and joyously life-affirming comics I have ever read. A very short, Cliff's Notes summary of the plot, is basically that ancient evil cosmic being Darkseid has finally succeeded in his quest to take over the universe, but in the process ripped open  a hole in the fabric of the multiverse that let loose an even greater evil. This is part of the Bat-Quest because in it, Batman has an awesome "Final Confrontation" of sorts that sets up future installments in the series, but is too short a part to make this book  an official "Bat-Quest" entry. This book was literally insane.

Superheroes and villains alike spout out long-winded expositions on god, space, time, and life, while cosmic superhero action rages in a super-crazy battle for the fate of not one, but 52 universes. I mean, there were so many little details that DC comics fanboys like me will lap up, and enough philosophical monologues to keep you thinking, but also enough guns blazing, take no prisoners action and suspense to enthrall casual readers. You just kind of have to surrender yourself to the craziness of everything. It's as if someone at DC headquarters just said "Grant, go all out on this one". And although there are many flaws with this book, including a lack of coherence, occasionally hokey dialogue and a slightly confusing ending, the sheer creativity of Final Crisis bowled me over.

J.G. Jones and Doug Mahnke's' art is impressively clear and well done, and adds even more epic awesomeness to this one of a kind book. If you give in to its cosmic insanity, you'll have a reading experience like no other.

Grade: A-

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