Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fins are Forever

 Fins Are Forever:

               Are mermaids real to you? They are to Lily; in fact she’s a walking one. She takes long hot…saltwater baths. She’s in love with this really hot guy named Brody. They’re perfect together; he’s hot, buff, and a swim team captain. She totally wants to go out with him, except she’s got to get over of the fear to talk to him. It’s her time to act when he and his long-time cheerleader girlfriend break up. She finally gets to courage to ask him to the dance when her annoying neighbor Quince tells her that he’s going stag for the dance. Lily doesn’t believe him and think it’s just a stupid prank to keep her alone forever. But it’s true; Brody was going to the dance alone. So Quince comes up with a quick plan for Brody and Lily to meet up… and this is where all the action plus romance starts.

I loved this book. I finished it in a day. This book is amazing in both cliffhanging and romance. I love the sequel also. It’s almost impossible to not love world of Lily and her love.

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