Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isle of Night (Watchers, #1) by Veronica Wolff

Isle of Night (Watchers, #1) by Veronica Wolff
Paperback, 302 pages
Published September 6th 2011 by NAL Trade
Source: Library
Is life offering fewer and fewer options? Then join the dead.
When Annelise meets dark and seductive Ronan, he promises her a new life-if she has the courage to chance the unknown. Now, she’s whisked away to a mysterious island and pitted against other female recruits to become a Watcher-girls who are partnered with vampires and assist them in their missions. To survive and become a Watcher, Annelise has to beat out every other girl, but she’s determined to do so, because to fail doesn’t mean dishonor-it means death. – Goodreads
My opinion: The plot was interesting it had promise. The only thing I did not like was that Drew kept saying how smart she was over and over again and thinking that being smart made her better than everyone else in a way. Something else that bothered  me was that she was so willing to jump into situations. For such a smart girl… she is not very smart. However, I liked her. After all that she has been through in life, she wanted an escape maybe that is why she didn’t really question Ronan.
Anyways, my favorite character had to be Master Alcantara. He is my sort of vampire, alluring, smart. The interesting thing about him was that it appears that he is the chooser of the girls. As well as that he was really smart. I like that.
I also sort of liked how the story ended. I will be reading the second book in the series. Even though the books were about the vampires, it seemed as though the story wasn’t based on the actually vampires. It was basically about Drew and these students and the way that they have to survive. It was an interesting idea, it reminded me a little of Vampire Academy, but more blood thirsty and vicious, with a little more edge.
Overall: 4 out of 5

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