Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kiss in Time By Alex Flinn

I loved this book. As you should know, Beastly is a book also by Alex Flinn that has made it big by being made into a movie. She has started making classic fairy tales into funny modern novels.
A Kiss in time is a book based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. It is very much the same except the main character in this movie doesn't live in a cottage in the woods for the first sixteen months of her life with fairies. No, no. She is a spoiled brat of a princess because she gets what ever she likes as long as she stays away from the needle of her death.
One day from her sixteen birthday she asks for the most perfect dress in the world for her birthday ball. The king invited all of the finest seamstresses and dress designers to bring their most wonderful dress designs. This is where the princess meets the wicked witch that has cursed her. The next thing she knows. She's being kissed by a boy. A boy in "Old Navy" cloth on him. He tells her that it is 300 years from the year that she fell asleep.  This is where the story gets exciting.

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