Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Dark Divine Series

I love this series. This is the second book in the Dark Divine Series. I finished it about last week. It's a fabulous book just like it's predecessor. This book goes more into the history behind the book. I can't wait for the third book. I would tell you about it but then there would be spoilers. So summary of first book below:

(P.S A MUST READ for werewolf lover and Jacob Fans like myself.)

The first one:
This is the beginning of Grace Divine. Wonder why she has such a pure name, and not a regular name? She the daughter of a pastor. She lives in a small town outside of city.  She's the perfect student,  pastor's daughter, and the role model for all of the girls in the town. Everything changes when Daniel comes back, a childhood neighbor friend that was so close to the Divine family that they called him family comes back to Grace's art class, school, and heart. Incindentally he's still as hot as ever but when she brings him home, the family freaks. Troubling events happen like when her baby brother James disappears, but Daniel comes to save the day. Grace is completely frighted when he started sniffing to find James and  has supernatural speed to catch James before he falls. Daniel tries to convince her that she's tired and sleepy from trying to find Baby James all night. Do you believe him?

Don't you just love the covers? The author is trying to get nail polish to come out in these colors.

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